You may wonder what Tantra is? Tantra is a hidden treasure of mystic knowledge. It is handed down from a guru (master) to a pupil (che-la). Tantra is whispered from the guru's lips to the pupil's ear. But nowdays every secret is for sale, even the most hidden things are available to everyone (you can build an atomic bomb or make heroin by yourself). You may see, concealed by hundreds of years, the art of Tantra. You may be sure that every sacred gesture (mudra) or body position is preserved. But for the reason of utility some colors are not (for example Dharmaraya's partner should be blue).
So: Om Ah Benza Guru Pema Dakini Sidhi Hung

Guhyasadhana_Avalokiteshwara Bahya-Sadhana_Dharmaraja Guhya_Sadhana_Dharmaraja Kamadhatvishhvari_Parvati Ayushpati_Mahakala
Iambhala Mahakala Tara_Khdiravani Phur-hu Dhumavati_Devi
Kuruculla Simhavaktra_Dakini Parnashabari Garuda Krodha_Yamari


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As he said himself "God Almighty needs in this blosom of Kali-Yuga some good men to rule this mess called the World" and he is one of them. You may call them lamedvovnicks all bodhisattvas or so. You may be sure, no matter how Mike Necessary is keeping in touch with Him.


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